Explaining SORAT. what is.... and what is not

  • The SORAT techniques was improved and developed through a vast experience in inspections investigations and maintenance of diverse structures.
  • The SORAT techniques is to be used by structure inspectors and not for constructions workers.
  • The development of the techniques focus on the safety use of the main rope making the backup rope unnecessary
  • Creating routes by re-belaying or deviating the rope to minimize the risk.
  • The triple attachment point system in an independent and tested anchor system, is extremely safe.
  • The Dynamic triple attachment point System and the pre-load test are basic in SORAN
  • By building 3 attachment points allow us to detach one to move in horizontal direction maintaining more than one safety point, make SORAT a very dynamic System.
  • The triple attachment point system is alike to the backup rope used in other rope based Systems
  • The SORAT techniques was developed in 1990 and have a zero accidents record history. Our SORAT techniques and safety polices have a solid reputation among many building consultant companies and the Japanese ministry of health, Labor and Welfare.
  • The SORAT techniques was recognized as a secure rope access technique under the Japanese strict safety policies.
  • Unlike other rope based systems the SORAT techniques allow the engineers and rope professionals to move more freely and totally safe in more than one direction using a single rope, this is not possible with a backup rope system.
  • With a single rope, we can gain access to extremely difficult-to-reach locations more easily than building two anchor systems for two ropes (main and backup ropes)
  • In other words, without a backup rope we can safely access a difficult to reach locations where is nearly impossible reach with two ropes.
  • The SORAT techniques was developed and improved by Keystone Co. Ltd. and Osamu Seki(Rope Tech Japan)

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